Princeton International is a dedicated network of partners within the medical industry, who provide members of the network the best deals on goods and services through negotiated and preferred partner agreements. This allows the members to maintain their service levels as they get goods and services from leading vendors at preferred prices.

Princeton International strives to provide the best quality to its customers at the lowest prices possible. Our devotion to customer service drives us to provide our products at lower prices for our members.

We work hard to develop relationships with the suppliers so that the best quality products are bought and then distributed into the market. Nationally recognized companies form the core of our supply network and our distribution network works diligently to send them out to the medical systems in need of them.

When we choose partners for our business, we keep customer service and providing value to the customers as the top priority. We are seeking partners who can help us in our endeavor to let our members and reps know about the advantages which can be had from using the products. We aim to counter the challenges faced by the medical practitioners by enhancing competence and encouraging savings.

We have made the process of registration as wrinkle free as possible so that are suppliers don’t face any hassle while signing up.

To receive more information regarding how to become a partner, please email us at: . If you feel that you have what it takes to be a vendor for our network, then you are welcome to email us with the information about the products and services you offer.

All the submissions are assessed and analyzed by our contracting staff before we decide which suppliers will become a partner in our network. The main determinants are

  • Offering lower prices so that we can offer them to our members
  • Emphasis on customer service and supporting our reps and members
  • Production of products which are not harmful
  • Providing what the customer advisory committee deems suitable

Once our customer advisory committee green lights your submission, we will contact you. Feel free to contact us if you have any queries about the registration process.