Princeton International is a dedicated network of partners within the medical industry, who provide members of the network the best deals on goods and services through negotiated and preferred partner agreements. This allows the members to maintain their service levels as they get goods and services from leading vendors at preferred prices.

The Referral Program is the perfect opportunity for you to make money. All you have to do is make a referral to your colleagues, friends and associates and we will pay you. This is the simplest and most convenient way for you to get affiliated with us. Ideally, we would expect a majority of the contenders for this program to include

  • Existing members of the Princeton International (PI) who have been impressed by the quality of our services and who feel that our services can be beneficial to other people as well. They will be paid for recommending us to their acquaintances.
  • Business owners who are in liaison with professionals from the medical world as they can refer our company to them. We will pay them a commission based on the sales they are able to generate for use through referrals.

However, our referral program is not restrictive and anyone who is suitable for it is welcome to join in.

The registration process for the Referral Program is a smooth process and can be completed without hassle. Upon completing the registration, a Referral Code will be issued to you. The Referral Code will enable us to see how many sales have been generated through the referrals you made. By keeping a track of them, the amount to be paid to you as commission would be decided based on the number of sales. All that needs to be done is that whenever a person you referred us to make a purchase, mentioning your Referral Code is enough for us to know that the sale was made by your word-of-mouth.

You can choose the mode of payment via which we will send you the commission you have earned from us. The payments will be made at predetermined time periods. If the opportunity to make a quick through the Referral Program catches your interest, please contact us at